Sarah300Among the many things I am:
I am wife to the man who won my heart fifteen years ago and every day since. I am mother to three man-cubs who took that man and me and made a tribe out of us. I am a lover of books and writing, coffee and music, maracujas and all things Mexican food. I enjoy running and nature and, not surprisingly, running in nature. Also as it turns out, I grew up to be a nomad, though I don’t recall every throwing that out as an option when asked what I would be as a child. Nevertheless, in the last ten years I have lived in the outer suburbs, the inner city, and the middle of Africa… a lifetime of learning packed snugly into a decade that completely robbed me of who I was before, in the best possible sense.

Among the many things I am not:
I am not a go-to-meetings type person, nor am I a form filler-outer. Applications, registrations, evaluations… each and every time I am forced to complete one I am Westley and the six-fingered man is taking another year of my life away. I am not sciency enough to understand physics, coordinated enough to play tennis, or desperate enough to ingest ketchup. I am not a straight-haired person.

This blog site is mostly an exploration through words (my own and others’) into the weight and whimsy and wonder that I believe a remarkable Creator has woven into this world. If you find here, from time to time, something that sings of His beauty and truth, then I am happy and count that a pretty outstanding day’s work for a muggle such as myself.

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