Big News – A New Book is Born!!

Let me tell you a story. In fact, for convenience’s sake, I’ve fit it neatly into the space of about 220 pages and thrown the whole thing up on Amazon where it is NOW AVAILABLE!!! I started writing The Heir of Kembarius almost two years ago as the first book in a series called Tales from Winderlawk. It has gone through creative cycles that were exhilarating and technical stages that ground me to ash, but at long last I have wrestled it to completion whereupon the cup of my happiness overfloweth.

The main thing I want to communicate is that Amazon is the place to go if you would like to order your own copy of The Heir of Kembarius (or fifty to give to all your dearest friends). Paperback and kindle versions are both available. At some point in the future it might make its way to other retailers, but with this being the first book, and self-published at that, we’re keeping it simple. Amazon, friends- they make everything so easy.

The second-most main thing I’d like to mention is that part of self-publishing means there are no little marketing fairies working behind the scenes to sell this book. One of my sincere hopes is that if you like the book, you’ll let others know. You can do this in your own circles through personal connections and social media, and you can do it in the wider world by reviewing it on the book’s Amazon page. After all, sharing is caring, it takes a village, every time a review is posted an angel gets their wings, and whatnot.

I’ve had people ask me over the years when I was going to write a book. “You should write a book reflecting on life and faith,” they’ve said. “About life in West Dallas.” “About living in Africa.”  Is this something along those lines, you ask?! Er, no. It is a story, as one might tell their children night after night before sending them off to the realm of dreams. It is a story about courage and friendship and treachery and loss and hope. It’s that sort of book.

And who is it for? I am hesitant to attach ages to books, because children are all so different. Reading levels and interests vary so widely. I will say that I wrote it with my own boys in mind who were 8, 9, 11, & 43 at the time, a wide range in other words. Really the book is for anyone who enjoys a good story.

With that, I invite you to hop on over to Amazon and get acquainted with the quiet hills of Winderlawk…

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