Deep as Night

Waters pour from charcoal skies,
drench the earth
defy the sun that warms and dries
labor for the birth
of a land where wet lies
deep as night.

Sarah Stehlik
April 2015


There Was a Garden

It was a garden…
where You broke through emptiness, brought forth life, birthed a son.
Spoken word divided meaning from nothingness.
Shared breath emptied air into lung, grace into heart, eternity into spirit.
It was a garden where You set rhythm to life.

And then we wandered…



Rise and fall
watery wall,
you gather your forces-
stand up tall
and threaten all
as you pound the shores
with your thunderous call:


And So it Goes With Time


that seem to find an endless supply
of minutes and hours
from some hidden well of time
with all its rules and all its powers.
You cannot speed them,
can’t manipulate their course.
They will come at your pleasure
or they will come by their force,
but they will come.


Ever On

Withered, weathered
Stretched and feathered
with thorns,
pricked by the bark of hounds
and the bellow of horns-
he is ragged.

Straggled, struggled,
mucked and muddled
his way at times.
But ever on he pushes, bends,
falls, but staggers up again.
He marks that line: