Let me tell you a little story about CRAZY.

Not too long ago we posted our first blog about our family moving to Africa. You maybe didn’t file that date in your mental rolodex next to your anniversary and the release date of The Hobbit, so I’ll help you- it was August 10th. And maybe you also aren’t homeschooling three children in math, so allow me- that’s approximately four months ago.


We shared how the Lord had lead us, that we were praying to go in January and were making plans accordingly, including- but not limited to- selling our home and all our worldly possessions. Did I mention in that blog that this was CRAZY? When you start reading books on support-raising or talk with people who have any kind of personal history or background in support-raising, you will not walk away thinking to yourself, “Yes, four months is a reasonable amount of time to raise those kinds of resources.” Twelve months? Maybe. Eighteen? Reasonable. Twenty-four? Hey, sometimes that’s what it takes. Four? Crazy.

We spoke with one couple in September who were back in the states briefly before going back over to Uganda where they serve. They asked when we were headed to Rwanda, and we told them January. Then they said something like, “So you’ve got all your support raised.” And we said something like, “We just started a few weeks ago.” And then, because they are people who love the Lord, they didn’t laugh in our faces.

Many an eyebrow has been raised as we have shared with people the reality of our resource needs and the goal of our timing. And lest you think we were impermeable in our confidence whilst others doubted, sometimes those eyebrows were our own. Sometimes over the last four months we felt like crawling into the fetal position and hiding under the covers. And when I say “we felt like” doing that, I mean, “we did that.”

And then we would go back to God’s Word again and get on our knees again and reach out to our community of friends again. And we would push through the craziness with the simple command, Wait for the Lord. Be strong, take heart and wait for the Lord.

And let me tell you what is even crazier: He provided everything we need to go and we are leaving in 24 days.


So I say “crazy”, but I mean it in the most wonderful sense… in the “crazy by the standards of all human wisdom” sort of way. This is one of the things I love about the Lord. Sometimes His wisdom defies common sense. Conquer a city? Go for a walk. Fight a huge army? Shrink your own down to a fraction. Be cleansed? Take a bath in dirty water. Want to live? Die. Lest you think you conquer in your own strength or fight by your own sword or are healed on your terms or find life by your own effort… 

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight. (Prov 3:5-6)

So we are delighting this week in the extravagant kindness of God to bring what seemed to be an enormous amount of provision in a time that seemed to be unreasonably short, and we are giving thanks constantly for those He has brought alongside us to take part in this work.

We’ll post soon to fill you in on what these next few weeks look like, but for now we are filled with praise and thanksgiving and share with all of you the great news…

We are going! In 24 days!


“Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh; is anything too difficult for Me?” – Jeremiah 32:27 



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