There Was a Garden

It was a garden…
where You broke through emptiness, brought forth life, birthed a son.
Spoken word divided meaning from nothingness.
Shared breath emptied air into lung, grace into heart, eternity into spirit.
It was a garden where You set rhythm to life.

And then we wandered…
broke shalom. Doubted back towards emptiness, barrenness.
Spoken lie divided Father and child.
Shared defiance emptied love of trust, conscience of innocence.
It was a garden where child turned traitor.

And years passed…
by the thousands, covenant broken by the Children of Wilderness.
Spoken warnings poured from prophets. Divided hearts. Divided kingdom.
Shared judgment emptied the land of its people, the people of their strength.

Until one returned to a garden…
An other Son, face to his Father,
knee bent, body to be broken on behalf of the barren.
Spoken pleas divided blood from sweat.
Shared flesh, shared sorrow emptied mercy onto the condemned,
judgment onto the Innocent.
It was a garden where obedience was reclaimed, order restored.

And it was a garden…
where You broke all comprehension, brought history to its crux, buried the Son.
Work was finished. Silence of the Sabbath. Then
Spoken promises long ago divided the Living from the dead.
Shared holiness emptied sin of its power, death of its sting, the tomb of its holdings.

It was a garden where You did this:
Where You broke through emptiness, brought forth life, and birthed a hope
that has changed everything.

Now in the place where he was crucified there was a garden and in the garden a new tomb
in which no one had yet been laiD…

John 19:41

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